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Arbitration, Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

photo showing a meeting for arbitration and alternative dispute resolutionThere are many benefits to arbitration, such as avoiding or reducing hostility between yourself and the other party, a faster resolution to the problem, increased privacy, flexible schedule to allow you to carry on your business, and simplified rules and procedures.

While not all situations can or should be resolved with arbitration, the rising cost of litigation has given rise to more creative and alternative solutions being taken by insurance carriers, businesses, and individuals for dispute resolution.

photo of chalkboard crossing out conflict and replacing with resolutionConnor, Weber & Oberlies has substantial experience in these practices and methods. Connor, Weber & Oberlies has succeeded in keeping up to date with changes in the dispute resolution methods available to its attorneys for your arbitration needs in PA and NJ. Connor, Weber & Oberlies staff discusses all your possible dispute resolution methods and advises you on the optimal course of action and options.

Your goals are of paramount importance to us at Connor, Weber & Oberlies. Our law firm maintains a moderate staff of attorneys and professionals to ensure you receive personalized and effective legal service. We understand you have unique needs and interests and our attorneys provide legal assistance based on those to provide solutions that best resolve your current situation.

photo representing dispute resolution by attorneyDeciding if litigation or an alternative dispute resolution, such as arbitration or representation through the course of mediation, is the appropriate option for you depends on many factors. We invite you to discuss your dispute resolution options with Connor, Weber & Oberlies to find out how we may be able to help you today.