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Civil Litigation

At times in life there are disputes that can only be resolved in a court of law. Connor, Weber & Oberlies can help you determine if this is one of those times and, more importantly, if it is in your best interest to litigate. The attorneys of Connor, Weber & Oberlies have decades of trial experience in state, federal, and appellate courts for both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The legal staff thoroughly prepares cases for litigation on behalf of clients after first analyzing the case and establishing a sound, effective litigation strategy. Photo of courtroom civil litigation

Connor, Weber & Oberlies
Civil Litigation Specialties

  • Business and commercial litigation
  • Appellate litigation
  • Real estate and property tax appeal litigation
  • Automobile litigation
  • Collections litigation
  • Corporate litigation
  • ADR hearings

Civil Litigation (or non-criminal litigation) covers a wide range of legal actions, including contract disputes for businesses or real estate transactions, employment law, landlord/tenant disputes, product liability matters, intellectual property, and contractor disputes, to name just a few. A civil litigation attorney from Connor, Weber and Oberlies can help protect your interests and present the best case in a court of law to obtain the legal relief you are seeking.

Whether you are looking to stop the other party from the offending behavior or are seeking financial compensation for losses/damages, the Connor, Weber & Oberlies Civil Litigation experts can provide legal help for your specific situation and help get you the financial reparations you are due.

Connor, Weber & Oberlies can provide legal advice and services for dispute resolution for both individuals and businesses.

Individual Lawsuits

Whether you need to provide your best defense to unwarranted accusations in a dispute, need to enforce the terms in an existing contract, or have a dispute with an employer or landlord, a lawsuit is occasionally the only way to settle the conflict in a fair and just manner.

Business Lawsuits

Litigation for contract disagreements are common in today’s society. While we offer mediation services, there are many times where the parties have already moved too far apart to decide anything amicably. Your business may run into intellectual property disputes with other companies infringing on your patents or copyrights. You may need to stop them from continuing this illegal use or you may need to seek financial compensation.

Our Trial Lawyers have Experience and a Solid, Reliable Reputation in PA and NJ

The judiciary recognizes the attorneys of Connor, Weber & Oberlies and respects the law firm’s commitment to its clients. The firm holds a reputation for appearing in the courts with cases predicated on sound, legal principles that the attorneys research and develop thoroughly.

If your legal case may require extensive litigation, contact Connor, Weber & Oberlies to determine the appropriate strategy.