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Real Estate Attorney Services

Since real estate transactions are a large commitment of your time and resources, you should make sure your interests and rights are expertly represented for you to gain maximum benefit.
photo of home representing real estate legal transactions
Real estate transactions are often complex, time-sensitive and require the careful attention of a qualified attorney. A Connor, Weber & Oberlies Real Estate Attorney will help negotiate the best terms in your real estate agreements and will protect you from financial loss.

Connor, Weber & Oberlies Real Estate Attorneys will make sure your agreement adheres to all state laws, that all previous liabilities have been cleared, and that you have the contractual options or obligations needed for the future use or completion of the transaction.

Connor, Weber & Oberlies Law Firm’s legal professionals represent individual buyers & sellers, commercial & legal entities as well as lenders and other involved parties, for all types of real estate transactions, such as property acquisitions, sales, rentals, leases, and transfers of real property.

The firm’s attorneys maintain both a knowledge of real estate law and comprehend the fast moving changes in real estate practices. This allows them to protect clients like you in many types of transactions, such as:

  • photo of mid-sized commercial building for legal real estate transactionsPreparation and review of documents (sale, purchase, financing, loan, leasing, rental, etc.)
  • Purchase and Sale of Commercial and Residential Real Estate
  • Real property taxation appeals
  • Real estate litigation
  • Title insurance litigation
  • Commercial and residential closings
  • New construction representation
  • Collections and foreclosures
  • Eviction proceedings


photo of for sale sign by residential real estate developmentEnsuring that buyers have received a full disclosure of facts or defects and that the deed / title you receive will be free of any liens or judgments is of critical importance for every real estate transaction. Also, if there were prior issues attached to the real property, then a Connor, Weber & Oberlies Real Estate Attorney can analyze the chain of ownership or secure proof that any previous encumbrance has been legally removed.

For sellers, it is also important to have protection from any outstanding issues in the agreement and to arrange for any final payoffs and the preparation of necessary documents to transfer ownership of the property.

Critical to both sides of the transaction is to adhere to the laws of the relevant states, such as Pennsylvania or New Jersey, that apply to the property and to have properly filed documentation to avoid any future legal issues.

photo of handshake in front of large corporate building representing real estate attorney agreementCorporations – Partnerships – Trusts
For organizations like trusts or businesses, real estate law means ensuring that the contract is not only legal for each state law (i.e. PA or NJ), but also that the real estate transaction does not violate any terms of the trust, partnership, or corporate charter agreements.

On certain real estate transactions, deeds may also need to be filed at the county level. Transactions could also involves property where certain types of construction may not be allowed. In these instances, you may need legal assistance to navigate the complex state regulations.

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What happens when I don’t have a Real Estate Attorney?
If your deed is not properly filed and the property not properly transferred, there could be repercussions like income and estate tax penalties. In certain cases, if building permits are not filed, certain structures may have to be rebuilt, or you may be subject to fines.


A history of success
The law firm of Connor, Weber & Oberlies has developed a history of success based on client satisfaction and results achieved. The firm promotes use of leading technology and maintains a highly trained staff of associate attorneys and paralegals to maintain low client costs.

This method to handling real estate transactions has created long-lasting relationships with previous clients built on trust and respect. Clients appreciate that Connor, Weber & Oberlies commits to meeting their deadlines and find that the firm often provides a level of service beyond their expectations.


Allow Connor, Weber & Oberlies to explain, analyze, and offer advice on possible legal ramifications of your real estate transaction. Contact the firm to schedule an evaluation of your real estate case.